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Olhe para mim estou aprendendo inglês

Olhe para mim estou aprendendo inglês

This new, bi-lingual picture book is the perfect story for young children to learn the basics of the English language. Colourful, fun and educational!

Mo has a confident spirit and a new thirst for knowledge. He wants to learn English to make more friends! Being small he starts at the beginning, learning about essentials like greeting people, counting to 10 and how to say his name!

As we follow Mo’s character and the other children through the story we discover more of the basics of the English language including subjects such as:

Talking about Age
Likes and Dislikes
Games and Playtime
Colours of the Rainbow
Different Pets
Bedtime Routine

On every page the text is printed in both Portuguese and English so that parents or whoever reads the story can read to the child in both languages.

Adults (or the readers) are provided with the perfect, fun and colourful platform to allow the child to repeat the English language back and practice learning the words and pronunciation at ground level with the aid of playful images.

Whether a bi-lingual parent or just keen to teach a child a new language, this book is the perfect stepping stone to begin their English education!

Disclaimer: As this item is designed as a children's picture book it contains large, colourful images and therefore is better suited to paperback and ebook formats. It is available in kindle format but please be aware that books in this series won't be viewable in colour on certain devices and the text size may appear small to some readers.

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