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T-Rex Twins: The Brothers with Arms

T-Rex Twins: The Brothers with Arms

What’s wrong with being different?

Does looking different make us feel different inside?

Everybody knows that T-Rexes are born with tiny little claws. But from the moment the T-Rex twins are born, with their super long arms, all the other dinosaurs laughed at them, teased them and wouldn’t play with them.

Then, something quite magical happens. At their lowest point, the T-Rex Twins comfort each other and by doing so, invent the world’s first hug.

From this moment on, the twins realise that what they thought was their biggest flaw is actually their greatest strength. As others approach them with their problems, it turns out that some can only be solved by dinosaurs with super long arms.

And everyone they help gets a brand new dino-hug along the way.
But what will become of the T-Rex Twins once word gets out about their new discovery?

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