The Bee that made Jam

The Bee that made Jam

Don't you think it's funny that the bees make the honey and the honey makes the money for the Old Queen Bee? Why bee like everybody else? Why can't a bee make Jam?Just don't get caught! Don't get arrested! Don't get taken to Old Queen Bee! Don't make her mad!

Certainly don't do all four!!! 

Is this the start of a Beevolution? The truth is in the tasting!

Children will adore the cute characters in this rhyming picture book that take them on a journey through the beehive about daring to be different and going against the flow! Parents will notice comical synonyms with a society that wants to keep everything the same from top to bottom. Who does the Old Queen Bee remind you of? Will Worker Bee One really punish Terry and Sam for daring to make jam? With a place in the hive at risk, the perfect jam can be the only reward!


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